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Sep 29

Learning Theory


  1. Behaviorism: learning is the acquisition of new behavior through conditioning.
  2. Cognitivism: in order to develop learner capacity and skills to improve learning, the educator structures content of learning activities to focus on building intelligence and cognitive and meta-cognitive development.
  3. Constructivism: learning is a process in which the learner actively constructs or builds new ideas or concepts based upon current and past knowledge or experience.  learning involves constructing one’s own knowledge from one’s own experiences.
And what results…
Social constructivism: knowledge is constructed when individuals engage socially in talk and activity about shared problems or tasks.

Sep 07

HTML5 Periodic Table -

See what tags your or any site uses on a cool Periodic Table interface! Super cool

Aug 30

Reflections on MongoDB: There will be blood -

Nice ‘from the trenches’ reflection on MongoDB production use from CollectiveIdea.

Aug 29

jQuery Disqus Plugin with Markdown and Syntax Highlighting Support -

Disqus is a great plug-n-chug commenting system, but it’s lacking a few very useful features: Markdown support, code pretty printing, and callbacks to tell you when a comment has been added or edited. And getting the comment/reaction count for the current page or linked posts is overly complicated and/or not-well-documented. This plugin hopefully simplifies the Disqus installation process while adding several helpful features.

Aug 26

How to Run Background Jobs on Heroku for Free -

Delayed::Job and Resque are excellent ruby gems, but they require substantial funds and/or time to setup on Heroku or Slicehost. High cost/effort prevents bootstrapped startups from building apps that need background processing, like aggregators. So I’ve hacked together a template Sinatra app that uses GAE to give you free Cron and Task-Queue functionality on Heroku.

Aug 25

Why your Javascript apps need more structure -

Excellent intro with specific examples on how to build an app with Sammy.js using MVC.

Aug 23

Picasa jQuery Plugin -

A simple jQuery plugin to get albums and images from Picasa without the need for PHP, Ruby, or any other server side language. Makes it easy to create a simple, dynamic, free, client-side-only image gallery.

Aug 19

How to build a real-time blog with Node.js and MongoDB -

Excellent example of a Node.js and MongoDB application

Advanced Rails MetaProgramming with InstanceEval -

The instance_eval method is probably the coolest thing about ruby. Good use of instance_eval is what makes a framework a good framework in my opinion. Learn how to use it for your next gem.

Aug 18

Top 2 Strategies to Build Better RubyGems -

Ruby and Rails were both Disruptive Innovations, in part by adhering to Convention over Configuration. Rubygems were like that too. But we’re starting to follow Java’s footsteps. Rubygems are becoming too configurable. This dramatically increases the barrier to entry and slows down innovation. Here are some ways to kill that barrier.